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The Japanese yen for the first time in about 24 years surpassed the threshold of 143 yen to 1 USD, from 140 USD in the previous session. Thus, within just 1 session, the value of the Japanese yen decreased by nearly 2% against the USD. Since the beginning of the year, the Japanese yen has fallen 24.8%, from the current level of 1 USD to 115.3 yen to the current level of 1 USD to 143.9. The depreciation of the Japanese yen has surpassed the historic decline in 1979 (when the yen depreciated 19.1%). The Japanese Yen fell sharply in the context of a strong USD appreciation and was still in an uptrend Andrés cap’n clutch giménez mlbpa New 2022 shirt, when the US Federal Reserve (Fed) applied a tight monetary policy and signaled to continue strongly raising interest rates. capacity. Meanwhile, Japan has yet to show any signs of tightening its currency. The Japanese yen also fell as US bond yields rose, while Japanese yields fell. The yield on the 10-year US Treasury note rose to 3.332% on September 6. Meanwhile, the 10-year Japanese government bond yield is currently only 0.24% due to the BOJ's yield curve control policy.

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