Bella ciao money heist shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and along sleeve t-shirt

“Bella ciao” (Italian pronunciation: [ˈbɛlla ˈtʃaːo]; “Goodbye beautiful”) is an Italian protest folk song from the late 19th century Bella ciao money heist shirt, originally sung by mondina workers to protest against conditions working harshly in the rice fields of northern Italy. With family and friends, ciao is the standard even when saying good morning or evening, instead of buongiorno or buonasera. … It is now used around the world as a greeting, a greeting, both in writing and in speech. In Italy, however, it's still a very informal greeting. Berlin died in Money Heist season 2. This character sacrificed his life to help others escape the Royal Mint of Spain after their first heist. However, he did return in flashback in the third and fourth seasons. … That Berlin isn't dead yet, is something that still echoes around here, just that I can't reveal anything.” Ciao bella is a friendly, sometimes flirty way to address a single woman or a friendly way to greet a close female friend. … In a nutshell, ciao bella is a familiar, colloquial way of saying "hello" or "goodbye" to a woman (as opposed to a group).

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