Best Dachshund mom ever vintage shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and along sleeve t-shirt

Dachshunds are very popular in European countries, but there was a time when Dachshunds were almost extinct. In the years of World War I, Dachshund was almost completely absent from Germany as well as European countries. And fortunately in the 1950s, this particular breed was back and better than ever. As for the characteristics of the DachShund's coat, it is also divided into 3 main types: Long-haired Sausage, Short-haired Sausage and smooth-haired Sausage. Most of Sausage's fur of the above 3 types are very soft and shiny Best Dachshund mom ever vintage shirt. The Sausage is considered a monochromatic dog, meaning that almost all of their body is covered with a dominant coat color, most of which will be black or bronze. As a very energetic, active and mischievous Dachshund, the Sausages do not like to be left alone or at home for too long. Your dog will become stubborn, start to bite furniture in the house to release excess energy. DachShund loves being taken out, jogging, playing catch-up games. DachShund also likes to be taken to hunt, dig, burrow, run and jump,...

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