Dingers and donuts 2022 shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and along sleeve t-shirt

I love this left lane is basically the autobahn. That is as long as you move over for someone who’s going faster than you (usually 100+mph) no one really cares. Here in Montréal, on regular journeys, I am aware of bad pot-holes, Dingers and donuts 2022 shirt and cars entering via badly designed temporary on-ramps during construction, which I want to “pass” in the passing lane. Drivers of silver mercedes regularly pressure me and try to pass on the inside creating a more dangerous situation than the one I was trying to avoid. but surely the guy behind me can’t use the passing lane law for justification while himself breaking the speed limit law? I genuinely think a lot of drivers don’t know how to use a multiple lane road. I think it’s because this concept isn’t taught, or taught enough, in driving schools. Back when I took drivers ed in Illinois I really don’t remember learning about the fast lane, and having to figure it out for myself by driving on the highways. Either they don’t know they are slow, or they think they are regulating the speeders, which is none of their fucking business, but logic doesn’t live in their brains My dad is this person.

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