Don’t Hit The Happy Little Trees Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and along sleeve t-shirt

The word "Christmas tree" - Christmas tree, Christmas tree - is defaulted to a pine tree. This plant is a symbol of Christmas, associated with this holiday Don’t Hit The Happy Little Trees Shirt. Christmas decoration cannot be complete without the image of a pine tree. A Western fairy tale tells that, on a Christmas Eve, a poor woodcutter was on his way home when he met a child who was lost and fainted from hunger. Although very poor, he still gave the baby food and a place to sleep. When he woke up the next morning to see a beautiful pine tree growing in front of his door, he realized that the child was God in disguise to test his heart and that the pine tree was a reward for his kindness. To save the child, Boniface knocks down the oak tree with a single punch. There grew a small pine tree. He told the other group that this was the tree of life, symbolizing the eternal life of the Savior. By the 16th century, the custom of decorating Christmas trees was popular in Germany, which is considered the first country in Europe to have the custom of decorating Christmas with pine trees. In the mid-19th century, Christmas trees were just beginning to gain popularity in England. In 1841, Queen Victoria and her husband Albert decorated England's first Christmas tree at Windsor Castle with candles, along with lots of candies and fruit.

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