Forge Labs Merch Goliath Tiger Fish Forge Labs Anglers Club Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and along sleeve t-shirt

In both the wild and in domesticated and captive animals, cases of cannibalism have been reported, with distinct circumstances and reasons. Cannibalism is not always for survival reasons, for example, African lions. Alison Dunn, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Leeds (UK) Forge Labs Merch Goliath Tiger Fish Forge Labs Anglers Club Shirt, said that when a young male lion takes the herd from an older male, it kills and eats some of the cubs. The fact that the mother eats the baby can be due to pressure, stress, because the baby died at birth or is too weak. This behavior also benefits the mother. A study of rattlesnakes in Mexico found that 68% of mothers would eat all or part of their dead baby snakes for extra nutrition, postpartum recovery, and preparation for the next spawning. The researchers think this behavior allows the baby sharks to be large enough at birth to reduce the risk of being eaten by predators. Basically, that gives them a better start.

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