Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI Champions Hometown Audible Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and along sleeve t-shirt

Around the NFL, it's customary for teams to write scripts for their first 15 offensive games. Why? Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI Champions Hometown Audible Shirt This often happens before teams can adjust to the defensive line. Let's analyze the first 15 games of the Bengals and Rams to find out their plans in Super Bowl LVI. The Rams have opted for a much more balanced approach to offensive behavior. Cincinnati is easy to pass early on, which is interesting because the Bengals had a much more productive game early on. the Rams have run the action play three times. Each led to an advantage and the third and final play action saw several Bengals defenders bite into the fakes allowing Cooper Kupp to widen open in the end zone. Increase to 13-3. Perhaps their first shot, which saw the Bengals fail to secure first place in two attempts over short distances, played a role in their willingness to go straight to the back pass.

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