Unionize The Minors Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and along sleeve t-shirt

Ursa Minor is closely connected with Ursa Major not only with legend and myth Unionize The Minors Shirt, but also with its neighborhood in the heavenly space: it continues from the line of stars of the Big Dipper Buck, Merak and Dubhe. As the boy grew up, he became an excellent hunter. Hunting a wild animal in the forest, he saw a bear and shot out from a bow. But Zeus, constantly watching his beloved, untied the arrow. He turned Arcade into a bear cub and took Callisto to heaven with him. But Hera wasn't calm here either. She met Poseidon, her brother, ruler of the sea, and convinced him not to let the bears of the sky fall into the sea kingdom. Thus, the Small and Great Dipper, while in the northern and middle latitudes, do not extend beyond the horizon. The brightest + star in Ursa Minor is the North Star (α). It is very close to the celestial body and is practically motionless. Other stars were walking around her. The North Star is a giant star. It is much hotter than the Sun and has two satellites. Cohab (β) Ursa Minor is almost as bright as the North Star. It is orange in color and has a spectral structure. Cohab is colder than the Sun, despite the fact that it is 40 times larger than it. Therefore, it is sometimes brighter than our star.

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