01 20 2021 end of an error American shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

In Siadat’s dream world, TooD offers a way of playing up, rather than tamping down, natural features that have historically been stigmatized. “We’re all animals with hair on our bodies; there’s no shame around it. What creativity could emerge from it?” she asks. Coppery, golden shades like Real/Fake and Sun/Moon have an effect similar to dimensional highlights on strands, and the 01 20 2021 end of an error American shirt moreover I will buy this bolder pigments are sheer enough to layer and create entirely new hues on skin. “It reminds me of being in school when I would mix all of my watercolors together and my mind would blow when I’d see a new color come out of them,” Siadat says with a laugh. She even chose the lip-gloss-esque applicator for its familiar ease of use, “so you could apply it to your brows, your lids, as highlighter, as lipstick, in your chest hair,” she says. “We really believe in makeup for everybody and everywhere—it’s for you to decide where you want to put it.”

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