RIP Queen Elizabeth II 2022 shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and along sleeve t-shirt

Elizabeth was an extremely creative person in torture RIP Queen Elizabeth II 2022 shirt. She found pleasure by beating, dissecting victims, mutilating their organs and parts, using pliers to tear pieces of meat in a sensitive place, mutilating to death… She always stood in front of the victim when acting. lower them to see their groans of pain. In order to be entertained regularly, the countess noticed to fault the servants for every little thing, and at the same time took the debtors back to the castle as "prey". Elizabeth was also famous throughout the Middle Ages for a murder device called the "virgin machine". The virgin girls were shoved into a hollow statue and slammed the door with a series of sharp daggers behind them. She tied the girls up with her own hands, sewed their mouths with coarse thread, and pricked them with blood to bathe. Perhaps Elizabeth Bathory would be free to torture and kill until she died of old age if she was satisfied with the blood of the women around her. But this woman was so mad and rebellious that she thought that the blood of noble virgins would be much better at converting old age. As a result, many daughters of honorable families were kidnapped and tortured by her, just like the girls she had killed and tortured before.

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